It’s near impossible to get the most out of your wooded land if you don’t have proper access to it. We work closely with you to plan, construct, and maintain forest roads and trails through your property to make it easier for you to access your land.

Off-road trail construction provides access to cabins, hunting blinds or deer stands. Turn your land into a playground for ATVs & snowmobiles, nature hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or horseback riding with stress-free, easy-access paths through your own private slice of paradise.

Sure, you could spend a summer planning and clearing trails yourself, but why not let us do it so you can enjoy your land this summer instead? Our expert methods will minimize road maintenance and protect your water resources. Plus, we use heavy-duty equipment ranging from bulldozers, end loaders, mini-excavators, skid steers, and tractors with all the bells and whistles so no matter what the terrain we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Established walking, hunting and recreational trails increase the value of your land and give better access. They increase wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities. A combination of trail planning, development, and maintenance services provide you with an easy-access and worry-free wildlife paradise that’s always ready for year-round use. With help from Wisconsin Landcrafters, you’ll spend more time enjoying your hunting land and less time working on it.

Additional trail maintenance services include

  • Trail mowing to manage crops for hunting paths
  • Trail maintenance & brush control
  • Creating or extending trails to hunting stands allowing for quiet access
  • Clearing and maintaining right-of-ways & easements

Brush Management Services

Our brush management services are not only for trail maintenance but also for enhancing your wildlife habitat.  Our brush shearing machinery can focus on young forest creation. Wildlife biologists have proven that many species of animals need young forest habitat and diverse cover to survive predator attacks. This is why they are promoting the Young Forest Initiative. By cutting old shoots of alder and popular trees, new sprouts are released establishing a food and habitat source for wildlife.Some of the animals that need young forest habitat are ruffed grouse, American woodcock, song birds, turtles,white-tailed deer and wild turkeys. Let us help you create these important resources on your recreational land. Then we can add even more food sources by clearing some land to create new food plots.