Why Does “Landcrafting” Matter?

Because of that feeling you get when you step into the woods after a long workweek when all stress melts away. Or the jolt in your gut when you catch a glimpse of a trophy buck, or hook a fighter. When you realize both the wildness and tranquility of nature in its deafening silence. Landcrafting matters because the outdoors demand to be enjoyed. Not just for a few weeks during hunting season or on the occasional weekend, but in every season, at every opportunity.

We at Wisconsin Landcrafters firmly believe that you should feel the pride of land ownership all year long, and your land should be the most enjoyable place on earth; your getaway with your family and friends, or sometimes, just by yourself. A recreational land management plan will allow you to pursue all your outdoor interests as a landowner: hunting, fishing, equestrian activities, ATV riding, or simply crafting a beautiful and relaxing place to be.

You may already have an amazing vision for your land, but don’t have the time or resources to make it a reality. Not only can we construct the place of your dreams but we can also help maintain it.

Recreational land management isn’t just for improving your property today; the ecologically sound, sustainable practices we use while crafting your paradise will pass on greater value for the future by increasing the property value and resale value of your land. Invest in your passion for the outdoors for today and tomorrow with a land development plan.

Forestry Management Contracting

Forestry management is a valuable practice for improving the use and value of your hunting land or personal wooded property. Forestry consulting services zoom in on forest health, wildlife habitat, and natural resources on your land to establish and improve the ecosystem and sustainability. Wisconsin Landcrafters partners with Sound Forest Management, LLC for these valuable property improvement services.

Examples of forestry practices that can improve the recreational use of your land include

  • Developing Management Plans: MFL, Forest Stewardship & USDA
  • Establishing Timber Sales: Marking & Volume Estimates
  • Writing Timber Sale Contracts
  • Hiring Qualified Loggers with a Solid Reputation
  • Sustainable Harvesting
  • Providing Assistance in Obtaining Cost Sharing & Grants
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Alder Shearing

Improving Land for Resale

Land management services can increase the “curb appeal” of your wooded land so you get the best possible price when selling! Don’t make prospective buyers guess about all the ways they could enjoy owning your land, or start imagining the weekends and vacation time they’ll have to burn getting it to a usable state. Our land improvement services make it easy to see the instant recreational value of your hunting property for sale.

You’ll motivate buyers by adding recreational trails, camping sites, or food plot areas to challenging or unmanaged forest lands. Having great “possibilities” for land use is one thing, but a property that’s crafted for instant recreation leaves nothing to the imagination. That means it sells faster and with a higher price tag!