Comfortable, multi-hunter custom hunting stands for all-weather use let you stake your claim to the outdoors!

Do you find you can’t enjoy hunting from a climbing tree stand anymore, or that your permanent stand is in need of an upgrade? Rediscover what you love about hunting with a custom deer hunting stand made to your exact specifications. Imagine a spacious, well-insulated and bug-free deer stand you can spend the night in. Simply “wake up and hunt” — that means more comfort, more animal encounters, and the opportunity to take home more trophies.
Our freestanding deer blinds and stands are built to last with highest-quality, maintenance-free materials. Endless customization options are tailored to your hunting habits, desired game, and other factors to make your hunting stand a comfortable place to be year-round.
Your Top 5 Hunting Problems Are SOLVED with a Wisconsin Landcrafters Custom Deer Stand:

  1. Inclement Weather
    1. Wisconsin Landcrafters custom deer stands get you out in the woods to hunt when others can’t. Animals still move and feed during extreme conditions and if you’re at home, you’re missing out. Our custom hunting cabins, blinds and treestands take extreme weather out of the picture so you won’t miss out on bagging the big one. Don’t let missed hunting days due to harsh conditions keep you from making the most of your season. With a weatherproofed deer stand, rain, snow, and extreme cold will no longer keep you stranded inside.
  2. Getting Up Too Early
    1. With your overnight deer stand or elevated hunting cabin from Wisconsin Landcrafters, fixing this problem is as easy as “Wake Up and Hunt”. Combine the advantage of height with an expertly placed location on your property to start the hunt at first light without the hassle of getting there in the dark. Our larger custom tree stands you can sleep in accommodate multiple hunters so no one has an excuse!
  3. Uncomfortable, Cramped Quarters
    1. Don’t settle for a rickety, drafty, and cramped deer stand or spend hunting season perched on a branch. Go big or go home with a custom built elevated hunting cabin or deer stand that’s well-insulated, spacious, bug-free, maintenance-free, and built to last! Sure, you can hunt in anything, but why not invest in a roomy multi-hunter stand you’ll WANT to spend time in, hunting season and beyond. Wisconsin Landcrafters custom deer stands are designed to your specifications with top quality materials that stand the test of time.
  4. Missed Opportunities or Spooked Game
    1. It’s simple– More time in the stand increases animal kill ratio, and a well-designed stand is one you’ll spend more time in. Get to and from your hunting stand on a strategic, maintained trail to keep your presence in the woods more covert with quiet entry and exit. Once there, our structurally sound custom stands conceal noise and movement within and reduce human scent that the game detect. A well planned food plot nearby will also draw more prospects into your sights. Increase the element of surprise AND your trophy collection with a permanent, well planned custom deer blind from Wisconsin Landcrafters. “Wake up and hunt” for deer, bear, turkey, and coyote from our custom hunting tree stands you can sleep in and all but eliminate the risk of spooking your targets.
  5. Mobility/Accessibility Limitations
    1. Lugging in and getting up into a climbing tree stand just ain’t for everybody. Our free-standing hunting cabin towers can be built with stairs or even wheelchair ramps so that no matter what their mobility level, anyone can enjoy the thrill of the hunt and a great view of the woods. Don’t be limited anymore! Wheelchair accessible deer stands get you back into the action, right where you belong.