Create a wild buffet with food plot development and maintenance services from Wisconsin Landcrafters. Food plots increase hunting opportunities, wildlife sustainability, and viewing duration so you can enjoy your land and its bounty for all it’s worth. A deer food plot near your hunting stand is a perfect way to increase animal encounters and trophy opportunities.

Wisconsin Landcrafters assesses the environmental conditions on your hunting land to recommend the ideal food plot seed, weighing variables like plot size and shape, location, soil pH, and more. We can also clear, plant, fertilize, and maintain all season long to keep your food plot growing strong! Our no-till planting causes very little soil disturbance, keeping more of the natural landscape intact.

Providing essential nutrients to wildlife like deer and turkeys encourages them to remain on your property and stay in good health, even through harsh winter conditions.

Put Wisconsin Landcrafters to work on your property with our specialized equipment and hunting land management expertise. Pricing is based on various factors like equipment used, distance traveled to your property, and area of land to cover.

Equipment Pricing for Food Plots:
Tractor & Implements $75 per hour
No-Till Seeder: charge by acre
Mileage & Fuel: $1.50 per mile

**Please note prices subject to change due to Covid 19 disruption of supply chains and product price increases.