Land Management Services & Custom Deer Stands in Medford, WI

Custom-built deluxe deer blinds, elevated cabins, food plot planting, trail creation, land management, and more– that’s what Wisconsin Landcrafters is all about.

We combine our passions of construction, agriculture and hunting land management to help you get MORE out of your land, both for now and for years to come. Our pride is in transforming a wild piece of property into a usable, diverse landscape that most outdoorsmen only dream of owning. We increase both the recreational potential of your land as well as the property value through custom deer hunting blinds, elevated cabins, food plot planting, trail creation, custom building projects, and other forestry management services.

Our hunting land improvement services give you MORE from your property, like

  • Increased use opportunities and year-round access
  • Increased property values
  • Increased hunting success and recreational opportunities
  • Increased diversity of wildlife for viewing and harvesting
  • Increased comfort and accessibility for all ages and experience levels
  • Increased enjoyment and pride of ownership in one of life’s most valuable assets

We work with a certified Forestry Consultant to ensure all changes to the natural landscape are responsible and beneficial, guaranteeing a legacy of outdoor enjoyment for generations to come.